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Nov 16, 2013 7:00am PST
area. thanks for joining us, i'm mark kelly. >> it's a chilly start in somestarts right now. 44 degrees. we'll have a full look at your weekend forecast in a few minutes. >>> new this morning, the tunnel has just opened. the tunnel is running between oakland, opening up at 4:20 this morning. well the chp planned to lead the first cars through the first bore, but two cars raced past the official opening prompting a bit of a chase there. the $417 million project makes it unnecessary for cal tran to keep changing the direction of traffic through the second time during the peak commute hours. >> we'll see a huge affect in the offpeak direction. people coming from the oakland side to the other in the morning as they will experience for the first time, two opened up for them. which should hopefully keep the offbeat direction moving faster. similarly in the afternoon we're going to see a huge reduction in the normal offpeak build up back here on the other side. >> and as planned, drivers are heading eastbound on weekday mornings that will shave at least five minutes off their trip. and westbou
Nov 9, 2013 7:00am PST
. >>> another gun scare at lax. >>> the party is over. >>> thanks for joining us >> a lot going on in the weather department. first let's get to the conditions we're expecting as we head out the door. patchy fog out there along the coast and patchy dense fog around santa rosa. other wise, a chilly start to the saturday. >>> the latest on the supertyphoon. it's still a category 3, catastrophic storm surge damage is a possibility. the winds are well off that record setting 196 miles per hour. by the time it makes landful this afternoon winds will be down to gusts of 145 help. it's the third typhoon in three weeks in the philippines. this will be effecting north vietnam later in the day. the good news is the winds are not as strong as it was when i roared ashore in the philippines last night. >> more on that powerful typhoon. check out the after math in central philippines. officials have recovered more than 100 bodies. the red cross said the number of people killed could reach more than 1,000. flooding over vehicles, downed utility polls and trees blocking roads delays rescue and
Nov 2, 2013 7:00am PDT
joins us live from lax. are things getting back to normal there? >> they're trying to get back to normal here at the airport. terminal three is frozen in time. it's been frozen in time from the moment after the shooting. no one is allowed in. it's considered an active crime scene. the passengers who left their belongings there have to leave the belongings there until at least later on this afternoon. police are trying to figure out why this shooter hated the tsa so much that he targeted them. investigators worked through the night at lax's terminal three processing the crime scene. police say 23-year-old paul ciancia walked into the terminal, pulled out a semiautomatic rifle and started shooting. >> i just saw the gun. and i was just terrified. like everybody else was. we were all just on the ground. >> reporter: 39-year-old tsa officer hernandez was killed. federal agents brought food to their home and neighbors say they're shocked. >> my heart goes out to them. i pray that the lord will give them peace and strength to go through this. >> reporter: the head of the tsa will arrive here l
Nov 30, 2013 7:00am PST
is with us. >> we have nothing but clear skies into the city of san francisco. good morning. this is it. fog lines the coast and into the bay. above it a stream of high clouds. visibility restricted along the immediate seashore. in an inland areas taking a live at our live kpix 5 weather camera just stop and go awe. we'll have your complete forecast coming up. >>> we begin the mayhem from black friday. year after year black friday madness seems to escalate. this is in pennsylvania where a woman used a taser on another shopper during an all out brawl inside a mall outside philadelphia. >> [screaming] >> in texas more trampling over $78 tvs at a wal-mart. the pushing turned to shoving and then police had to pin down one woman. the customer who shot this video was buying cough drops when she captured the commotion. >>> before you hop online for cyber monday there's a new push to shop locally today. >> alice sells crafts by local artists in palo alto. it's the first time the city's downtown businesses are organizing to promote small business saturday. >> people start thinking, where am i spendin
Nov 23, 2013 7:00am PST
'clock, saturday morning, november 23rd. thanks for joining us. >> let's take you outside to san francisco to get things started after our first rain in quite awhile. we are looking at a calm beautiful weekend. sunny skies in the bay area. highs in the mid 60s. a red flag warning remains in effect until 5:00 for gusty offshore winds and low humidity. we're going to have a complete look at your 7 day later in the show. >>> developing news this morning. police are trying to establish a motive after a woman was stabbed inside of a hotel. it happened just shortly after 5:00 p.m. at the embassy suits. police found a 30-year-old woman on the third floor stabbed several times. they believe she was attacked in her room on the 9th floor and knew her attacker. hotel elevators were closed during the investigation. the woman has serious injuries but she is expected to survive. police are waiting to talk to her to establish what may have led up to that attack. >>> we have new video of the chaos that unfolded last night at lax. a prank call led officers to believe there was a gunman loose inside the airport. >
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5